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  • Concorso Nazionale Grappe Alambicco d'Oro

    Asti - August 2011

    Alambicco d'Oro

Primary product:

Type: Selection of fine pomace of Nero d’Avola Origin: from the grapes cultivated and used for the production of the Mi-lazzo’s red wines. Berry: red.


The alcoholic fermentation takes place in our cellars to ensure a rich aromatic component. The pomace then extracted from the musts of our red wines are stored in stainless steel tanks for a few months, since the time of the first racking, waiting to be distilled.

Artisanal distillation:

The distillation is carried out in alambic still using a discontinuous method with the cutting of heads and tails. The process takes place very slowly allowing a proper evaporation and subsequent condensation of the volatile components in order to exalt the aromas and characteristics of the grape variety used. The distillation is carried out using a discontinuous method with eight copper stills with direct steam producing a "raw" grappa to about an alcohol content of 75 % by volume. The final alcohol content of 45% by volume will be reached by a subsequent cutting and final cold filtration so to ensure the preservation of the aromatic component.


Strictly related on the individual year’s harvest.


12 months in vacuum steel vats.


Colour crystal clear. The aroma is rich and elegant; on the palate reveals rigorous and harmonious notes in the aftertaste. Thanks to the particular alcoholic fermentation of the pomace, the resulting grappa is characterized by a round and well balanced bouquet.


Opaque glass bottle of 700 ml. Export carton 6 BOTTLES Available also with gift single carton box packing.