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Primary product:

Type: Selection of fine pomace of Inzolia Origin: from the grape cultivated and used in the production of the Milazzo white and classic method sparkling wines. Berry: White


Alcoholic fermentation takes place in vacuum stainless steel vats at controlled temperature. This is followed immediately by distillation.

Artisanal distillation:

The distillation is carried out in alambic stills using a discontinuous method with a judicious cutting of heads and tails that allows to obtain a grappa with strong personality and an interesting ageing potential.


Strictly related on the individual year’s harvest.


Colour crystal-clear. The aroma is open and vibrant; on the palate is pleasant and persistent with an intense and complex array of aromas.


Opaque glass bottle of 700 ml. Export carton 6 BOTTLES Available also with gift single carton box packing Single pack with top box in leather and fabric.