FONDIRO’ - Red Wine

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FONDIRO’ - Red Wine

  • Challenge International du VIn

    Bordeaux - France - April 2015

    Vintage: 2009

    Medaglia d'oro


a special selection registered as V12 propagated from an ancient biotype of Perricone


upper Fondirò, plateau of marl origin with high clay component strongly calcareous

Vine's training:

spur cordon pruning


mid October

Harvest method:

manual in small crates of about 14 kg


the clusters were gently destemmed with a final selection of the berries. The grapes were then transferred in vertical fermenters with mechanical soft plunger system for 30 days. The malolactic fermentation was completed in oak barriques


partly in stainless steel vats and partly in new oak barrique for about 36 months. Final maturation in bottle for minimum 12 months

Alcohol content:

14 % by Volume


Fondirò was born outside the appellations IGP or DOP in order to have the freedom to undertake the making of a red wine extremely modern and unique.


A selection from vine-stocks characterized by early ripening, in order to obtain an extraordinary polyphenolic maturation that makes the wine remarkably stable and capable to withstand a long aging. It’s also a delicate variety that fears the excess of sunlight, this is the reason why during this experimentation we have defined a rigorous protocol for the correct management of vegetative growth of the plant and foliage.



A crag of calcareous rocks emerging abruptly from the valley opposite to the winery, a hill with steep sides, surrounded by the clay soils of the bottom. A very special combination, a unique microclimate that thanks to the inclination offers a better protection from the rays of the sun. The synergy between all these elements is what gives origins to the Fondirò Cru. 


On the foreground ripen fruit to the mouth, with very sweet and smooth tannins. A young visual aspect with the violet hoes reminding of the colour of the juice. To the palate the tertiary characters emerge with quite special hints of wood on the finish.