MILAZZO D.ZERO ROSE’ DOSAGE ZERO – Classic Method Sparkling Wine

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a special selection of biotypes from Calabrese grape variety, commonly known in the area of Campobello di Licata as Inzolia Rosa and Chardonnay


Milici, plateau, marl in origin with high clay component and strongly calcareous - Munti, North side on a gentle slope, deep organic soil

Vine's training:

tendone (pergola) and guyot


beginning of August for the Chardonnay- beginning of September for the Inzolia Rosa

Harvest method:

manual in small crates about 14 kg


the red grapes were gently destemmed and after a cold maceration of about some hours they were pressed whole cluster. The white grapes were pressed whole cluster. The run juice fermented at controlled temperature. Maturation in stainless steel vats


the cuvée was bottled and the

Alcohol content:

12,5% by Volume



Focus on the indigenus varieties also through the research of ancient  biotypes, experimentation in the vineyard with the selection of clones and meticoulos matching of the soils, represent the peculiarities of our work as vinegrowers. The ”Inzolia Rosa” (pink inzolia) is a good example of this approach. An ancient biotype of Calabrese grown on this hills since ever, becomes the hearth or our rosé traditional method sparkling wines. The calcareous clay of the Munti areal, on the top of the hill facing North-West, permits an ideal ripening of these grapes, preserving its perfumes, minerality, acidic backbone, particularly suited for the production of rosé sparkling wines.


The oenological protocol for the production of  D.Zero aimed at emphazising to the maximun grade the work of agronominc research on the cultivar, their expression as the result of the positive interaction inbetween the varietal, the soil, and the microclimate, all in the full respect of the rigouros technics for the creation of a dosage zero.


A pink colour with salmon glints. The perlage is very fine and persistent. Exotic red fruits especially lychees and strawberries plus a floral complementarity. Full-bodied and dry, redolent of a real sea-saltiness which enhances the structure and drinkability with a harmonious finish.