MIlazzo Nature - Brut Nature Classic Method Sparkling Wine

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Milici, plateau of marl origin with high clay component strongly calcareous

Vine's training:

tendone (pergola)


beginning of August

Harvest method:

manual in small crates about 14 kg


maturation of the wines took place partly in stainless steel vats partly in oak barriques


the cuvée was bottled and the

Alcohol content:

12,5% by Volume



Milazzo NATURE is a blanc de blanc from Chardonnay Milazzo’ grapes where to find the perfect synthesis inbetween the best expression of the Chardonnay grapes and the combination inbetween the terroir and the Mediterranean climate.  Infact thanks to the mild climate typical of Campobello di Licata we obtain a full maturation of the chosen selections, able to preserve freshness, elegance, aromatics. A Mediterranean expression presenting itself with a precise style in the choices made in the vineyard and in the cellar aiming at preserving an authentinc territorial expression.


A vinification management aimed at emphasizing the research on the cultivar and favorable interaction inbetween position, soil’s characteristics and microclimate of the vineyard. A rigorous protocol of production with bases matured partly in stainless still vats, partly in barriques before the tirage made in the 2012.  Minimum maturation 48 months.


Cristal clear, pale yellow with greenish hints, fine beautiful perlage, persistent and very well made. Clean to the nose, aromatic vegetable perfumes emerge evoking the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean shores. Notes of white flowers, it closes with an excellent minerality reminding of flint. Notes of yeast and bakery are not present, in perfect line with the Nature’s style. The nose though rich is not reminding of creamy opulence but has a muscular character at the same time lean and agile. The mouth confirms the first impression: fresh, balanced, structured, persistent and sapid till the end.