Terre della Baronia GREEN LAB (GREEN HEART)

The responsibility to be guardians of the environment.

The Terre della Baronia are our "green heart".

Here pulse the seven districts where all our wines are born, here is where we work every day.

As farmers and entrepreneurs we have always been aware that we have the responsibility to protect and preserve our most valuable asset: the land and the environment.

Today we start a new project

This is the result of our participation in the program for the evaluation of the carbon footprint, sponsored and co-funded by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory and Sea, with the objective to help our company to restrain the greenhouse effects in its production process.

An Intense work has enabled us to collect and analyze all the data on our CO2 emissions for all wines and sparkling wines in all stages of production:
In the vineyard: cultivation and harvesting
In the cellar: winemaking, bottling and labelling
In the storage: packaging and delivering

The calculation of the Co2 emissions was realized using Ita.Ca, the most widespread algorithm in the field in Italy, and strictly following the guidelines developed by the World protocol OIV’s GHGAP, in order to ensure the maximum accuracy and consistency of the collected data and their processing.

The sustainable agronomic management of the vineyards, the careful respect for soil’s life and the preservation of its organic substance, allow the vineyard’s ecosystem to immobilize in the soil the carbon dioxide and thus contribute to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. For all these reasons to cultivate vineyards is good for the environment.

We obtained our first certification ISO/TS 14067 for the year 2013 (ISO / TS 14067: 2013 - GHG Greenhouse gases - Carbon footprint of products - Requirements and Guidelines for quantification and communication) issued by Valoritalia, European leader organization in wine field certifications

To measure our carbon footprint for each bottle, for each type of wine and sparkling wine produced, from the vineyard to the final consumer represents  the first goal achieved.

Today with the ISO/TS 14067 we are AWARE of our impact on the environment and so we can identify the actions to become more and more GREEN.

What we will do

We have already reduced the consumption of WATER intended for human consumption.
During the washing process we do not waste water from the public supply network,  thanks to our internal system we purify and use water extract from our property well.
The water consumed consumed during the production is recycled, and then re-used for agricultural purposes and irrigation .

We decided to significantly invest on green energy. So we will exploit at the maximum all the cellar building’s surfaces to install solar panels.
This will allow us to cover more than the 80% of our energy requirements with a further significant impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Biodiversity Land Index
We are already proceeding with the analysis of farm’s soils to determine their biological quality, the biodiversity of microorganisms that populate them, in order to improve and protect the environmental ecosystem and make sure that the vines grow harmoniously.

Our bottles come for the great part from Vetrobalsamo, our partner from many years, that is engaged as we are in a long path towards sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions.
It’s the only plant in Italy to use the oxy-fuel technology for the production of glass with a 30% reduction in energy consumption and the use of 85% recycled glass in the production cycle.
A further reduction of CO2 emissions will be obtained from a Vetrobalsamo cogeneration plant that in 2015 will provide home heating to a large district of Sesto San Giovanni (MI) nearby the factory.

What we have done and continue to do

In the vineyard

We use traditional cultivation method applied on a large scale, altogether with a tailor made approach emphasizing the role of man and his own hands. The tractors are only used for the ploughing, while the row weeds are eradicated with manual hoeing to minimize pollution from automotive fuels.

Certified organic agriculture on all our land and all our wines.
Organic fertilization and legume green manure, no use of synthetic products, only organic fertilizers to ensure the genuineness of the product and to protect aquifers from possible alterations.

Environmental monitoring.
Our detection unit is installed since 2002 in the Milici area vineyards.
It is our "thermometer" for the monitoring of the health of the vines. The data on temperature, humidity, rain allow us to work with the utmost care at every stage.

The laboratory analysis
The analysis on the grapes of different varieties made in our internal chemical laboratory permit us to constantly monitor the life cycle of the vines in order to act on the time especially at the moment of the harvest.

In the cellar
We chose to invest in technology and innovation for natural winemaking.

The cellars are perfectly insulated and partly underground to minimize energy consumption.

Up to date vinifications systems to safeguard at the maximum the grapes, the must and the wine at different stages of fermentation and aging. Closed circuit grape crusher with nitrogen input to exclude contact with air and avoid the risk of oxidation. Same technology for the fermentation and maturation tanks, strictly in stainless steel, and cooling circuit for a proper control of the temperatures during the different stages of processing.

 Maximum hygiene to minimize the use of sulphites added.

This is our project and the work program for the coming months.

We believe that we have taken the right path, we want to continue to preserve and improve the environment and make lighter our carbon footprint.

For more information on the CARBON FOOTPRINT certification of our products contact: info@milazzovini.com

Full list of certified products:
Red wines
Duca di Montalbo 750ml, 1500ml
Fondirò 750 ml
Maria Costanza 500 ml, 750 ml, 1500ml
Terra delle baronie 375 ml, 750ml
Fancello 750 ml
Castello Svevo 750 ml

White and rosé wines
Selezione di Famiglia 750 ml, 1500ml
Vignavella 750 ml
Maria Costanza 500 ml, 750 ml, 1500ml
Terre della Baronia 375 ml, 750ml
Terre della Baronia rosé 750 ml
Castello Svevo 750 ml

Semisparkling wines
Bianco di Nera 375 ml, 750 ml
Rosé Rose 750ml
Rosso Vivace 750ml

Classic method sparkling wines
Federico II 750 ml
Terre della Baronia Gran Cuvée 750ml
Milazzo Riserva 750ml
Milazzo Classico 750ml
Milazzo Excellent 750ml

Sweet wines
Oro di Casa Milazzo 500ml

Isabel 700ml
VeraGrappa 700ml

"Project co-financed by the Ministry of the Environment."