Terre delle Baronia

A unique terroir. At 400 metres above sea level in the South of Sicily and on the hills to the north- east of Campobello di Licata in the province of Agrigento. This is where you can find the 75 hectares – some 185 acres – of vineyards belonging to the Milazzo family. A grape growing area with a colorful mosaic of soils and the influence of a typical Mediterranean climate that make wines with such an identity and an original character.

A family history

A story of about five generations of family’s winegrowers. A legacy that is today passed down to Giuseppina Milazzo and her husband Saverio Lo Leggio, united in the commitment to give continuity to the virtuous evolution of the brand Milazzo.

Milazzo winemaking philosophy

The most interesting aspect about Milazzo’s family way of “winemaking” is the tireless work in the vineyard. The natural meticulous improvement in the vine types is the fruit of a route that started out on over fifty years ago and is still travelling on today: the search for the perfect combination between selecting the clones, the choice of the subsoils and the microclimate’s characteristics in each part of his holding.

Milazzo vini

Organic winemakers

Organic and Sustainable. The organic certification seals our commitment as winemakers to produce quality wines and it also attests the responsibility we feel to be guardians of the environment where we live and operate.

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