Azienda Agricola G. Milazzo awarded at CSWWC 2020


This year for the first time we have taken part to which is considered:


Special Award: Best in Class to Federico II Magnum 2011

Sicilian Vintage Blanc de Blanc Brut and Best Sicilian Magnum

We have been awarded with 6 Medals:

• Gold, Federico II Millesimo 2011 Brut - Magnum

• Gold, Milazzo Nature - Brut Nature

• Silver Milazzo Riserva V38AG - Brut

• Silver, Terre della Baronia Gran Cuvée - Brut

• Silver, Terre della Baronia Gran Cuvée - Brut - 2021 edition

We are proud of this achievement, but we also feel strong the responsibility, from this moment on, to demonstrate to be able to create ever more precious and fascinating wines.

We began in the late Sixties, with an ambitious and absolutely innovative project, creating traditional method sparkling wines in the south of Sicily, in Campobello di Licata (Agrigento).

Since then we have worked intensely and with commitment, often following unconventional paths, but always convinced that this land could give life to high quality wines.

A continuous challenge. A solid and highly motivated team that has grown thanks to the competences of all who work with Milazzo, both in the cellar and in the vineyards. Everyone, giving its own contribution, constitutes a precious piece in the painstaking work that is the daily taking care of the bottles during their evolution.