A family history

Producing wine for the Milazzos’ is a real “family affair”. A story of about 150 years of strong devotion to agriculture, it’s landscapes, it’s mysteries, it’s rythms, it’s deep tie with the true essence of the island.
This legacy is today passed down to Giuseppina Milazzo and her husband Saverio Lo Leggio, united in the commitment to give continuity to the virtuous evolution of the brand Milazzo. Between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties they were among of the first winegrowers to promote winemaking using native Sicilian vine-stocks.
Over the course of the years and together with other famous names, this led to the recovery of the island’s tradition of quality winegrowing. At the same time they introduced the Chardonnay grape into Sicily with the specific aim of producing a top, Classic Method SICILIAN sparkling wine.

The Martin Kingfisher

An aquatic bird of rare beauty and so very delicate that it needs an uncontaminated environment in which to live.
The Milazzo’s family used it as symbol for labelling table grapes sold on the international markets and our founder transformed it in the early seventies in a trademark to be positioned on every bottle produced.
A trade mark we use still today alongside the organic certifications to declare the commitment of the winery towards a sustainable agriculture: no pollution of the underground waters, no damage of the harmony in-between the various organism that populate the vineyards, no harm for the consumer.